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We started with a question: how to empower ecommerce merchants to sell more and provide better experience for their customers? We came up with one answer – communication! What better way to communicate in today’s marketplace than webchat. The rest was a lot of work, dedication and persistence, leading us the creation of ChatHalla.¬†

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Our Vision

Empowering connections!

Our Mission

Easy. Effective. Growth.

These are our mission pillars. We want to make it Easy for online businesses to communicate, sell and service customers, across industries and borders. This is why we build ChatHalla – the most cost, maintenance and technology Effective solution. A solution that can fuel your Growth and expand together with your business.

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People First

and we mean it

Our team
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Metodi Guerguiev

Founder & CEO
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Angel Krastnikov


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Rossen Genchev


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Technology Consultant

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UX Lead

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Amazing team members

Doing amazing job everyday